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Fresh 48 + cuter than ever

When speaking to this Momma about her new baby arriving I was so excited, I love these sessions more than ever, there is just something about REAL life images + unposed (for the most part). Nothing beats it.

This little guy decided he was ready to arrive before his actual due date, I got the call that Momma's water had broke + she was at the hospital and it may be a little bit but he would soon arrive.

(I feel at this moment it's like its happening to a close relative. I also get so excited + I can't wait!)

Soon enough about a day later I got another call he was here! Yay! Time for me to go up to the hospital to meet this cute little guy + his family for the first time.

What a gorgeous family he has, + the love just filled the room.

I have to give it to Truett's Momma, she looked radiant as ever, and was so happy and joyful. (for those that have given birth, I know I wasn't as radiant lol) + big sister didn't want to part with him not even for a second. She loves him so much already!

In the following days little Truett has had to stay in the NICU, but we are praying for him + his family so that he can go home where he belongs. <3

Welcome to the world sweet little man + I hope you can get out of the NICU soon enough to go home with your amazing family.

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