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Is it a boy or a girl?

This Momma contacted me asking about a birth plan as she was due soon. I had given her information and she said she would be back in touch. Well shortly after that she contacted me back stating she has been having contractions that morning + they were about 8 mins apart + that she needed to go ahead and book something also she was hoping I was available. It just so happened to work out really well on my end, I did have a session that afternoon at 7pm but I was available after that + the next morning as well. So we booked her session and got everything squared away, she went to the hospital and told me she would text me when she got to 6cm. 

Shortly after 9:30pm I got a text saying it was time for me to head that way. (keep in mind during this time I keep my phone close by awaiting for this special moment to arrive. I take this as it is almost like a family member having a baby, it is so exciting!)

I arrived at the hospital + Mom hadn't had her epidural just yet, we got some amazing images during it all. 

The love that filled the room, + having her husband there by her side the whole time, helping with contractions, giving baby a bath, helping with the nursing at the end. It was so sweet. 

Baby's sex was a surprise + everyone was pretty sure it was a boy.... well surprise Mom + Dad, another girl! 

I was so honored to be here for this moment.  Such a special time to be able to look back on through the years. 

It's a..... GIRL!

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